TeeMee Arena of Valor Tank hero


ScavengePooty PootsChain LanceBeing A Bro
Scavenge Temme Passive Arena of ValorPooty Poots TeeMee first skill Arena of ValorChain Lance TeeMee second skill Arena of ValorBeing A Bro TeeMee Ultimate Arena of Valor

Class: Support / Tank

Role:  Initator / Buffs



Scavenge Temme Passive Arena of Valor


When a non-hero enemy dies near TeeMee, the brothers quickly pick up the spoils and give nearby allies an extra 25% gold.


Pooty Poots

Pooty Poots TeeMee first skill Arena of Valor

1st skill

Tee Starts to build up the gas in his stomach, causing him to increase his movement speed for 5 seconds. During this time, Tee tries to hold it all in for as long as possible (can be unleashed earlier by tapping the ability again) Tee then unleashes a stinky plum,causing all enemies in the area to suffer up to 700(+1.65AP) and beocome stunned for up to 1.5 seconds. The loner Tee holds in his funky fumes, the higher the damage and stun period.
Base Damage233300367434501568
Max Damage7009001100130015001700


Chain Lance

Chain Lance TeeMee second skill Arena of Valor

2nd skill

Mee shoots a chain from his lance, hooking the first thing it hits. If the chain hits an enemy, it deals 450(+0.6AP) and stuns them for 1 second.


Being A Bro

Being A Bro TeeMee Ultimate Arena of Valor


TeeMee channels their armor's resurrective powers to protect themselves and the nearby ally hero with the lowest heath for 3 seconds (can still be used while TeeMee is being subjected to control effects). While the ability is active, if TeeMee or the proteced ally dies, they will be resrrected in 2 seconds at the spot they died within 2000(+2.5AP)HP. When a hero is resurrected, the resurrection will deal 600(+0.8AP) to surrounding enemies and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds.
Hp after Resurrecting200027503500


Items Recommendation

The AegisHerme's  SelectAsterion's BucklerGaia's StandardSoaring AuraAncestral Glory
The Aegis provide 20% cooldown speed 400 max mana 360 armorHermes's Select will provide 60 movement speed after exiting teamfightAsterion's Buckler provide 1000 Max HP and 60hp per 5 secondsGaia's Standard provide 180 magic denfese 1100 max hp and 5% movement speedwill provide 140 ability power and 1050 max hpAncestral Glory provide 1000 max hp



Tier 1

Arena of Valor CurseArena of Valor lifeArena of Valor Guard
Ability Power +1.5 Max HP +21Armor +2.5

Tier 2

Arena of ValorArena of Valor GuerrillaArena of Valor Potential
Ability Power +2.5
Magic Pierce +1.4
Max HP +13.5
Movement Speed +0.7%
Max HP +15.7
+3.1 HP / 5sec
Cooldown Speed +0.3%

Tier 3

Arena of Valor SageArena of Valor ProtectArena of Valor Prowess
Ability Power +5.3Max HP +45
5.2HP / 5 sec
Movement Speed +0.4%
Max HP +37.5
Cooldown Speed +0.6%


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