Flying DragonPlague SpecterPoison Gas BombDisciple of the Plauge
Flying Dragon Preyta passive skill in Arena of ValorPlague Specter Preyta 1st skill in Arena of ValorPoison Gas Bomb Preyta 2nd skill in Arena of ValorDisciple of The Plague

Class: Mage

Role: Harass

Abilities Detail:

Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon Preyta passive skill in Arena of Valor


The Plague Wyvern boosts Preyta's Movement Speed.


Plague Specter

Plague Specter Preyta 1st skill in Arena of Valor

1st skill

Preyta charges his Plague Specter for up to 2 seconds, then unleashes it and deals 360 magic damage for each second spent channeling. Any command while charging will unelash the Specter immediately to deal reduced damage. In the Disciple of the Plague state, movement is possvle while charging.


Poison Gas Bomb

Poison Gas Bomb Preyta 2nd skill in Arena of Valor

2nd skill

Preyta detonates a Poison Bomb at the target location, knocking back surrounding enemies, dealing 250 magic damage and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. In the Disciple of the Plague state, the Poison Bomb is replaced by nether spikes and they also stun the targets for 1 second.


Disciple of the Plague

Disciple of The Plague


Preyta fuses with the Wyvern Spirit and enters Disciple of the Plague state for 10 seconds, immediately refreshing the cooldowns of Plague Specter and Poison Gas Bomb and enhancing their effects on their next use. While in this state, Preyta also receives a shield that  absorbs 500 damage, gains 15% movement speed, and 10% attack speed. His normal attack's range is also significantly increased and inflicts 80 area magic damage.
Shield Points5008501200
Magic Damage80160240


Items Recommendation

BoomstickEnchanted KicksHecate's DiademZweihanderStaff of NuulHoly of Holies
will provided 240 ability powerEnchanted kicks will provide 60 movement speed and 75 magic percewill provide 200 ability powerwill provide 180 ability power 400 max mana and 8% movement speedwill provide 140 ability power 10% cooldown speedwill provide 400 ability power



Tier 1

Arena of Valor CurseArena of Valor AbsorptionArena of Valor Disruption
Ability Power +1.5Magic Life Steal +0.4%Magic Pierce +2.2

Tier 2

Arena of ValorArena of Valor RevalationArena of Valor Corrosion
Ability Power +2.5
Magic Pierce +1.4
Ability Power +1.4
Magic Life Steal +0.8%
Magic Defense +1.6
Ability Power +0.9
Magic Pierce +3.8

Tier 3

ScepterBlood MagicStain
Arena of Valor ScepterArena of Valor Blood MagicArena of Valor Stain
Ability Power +4.2
Attack Speed +0.6%
Ability Power +2.4
Magic Life Steal +1%
Attack Speed +0.6%
Magic Pierce +6.4


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