RiposteHealing LightForest SentryNature's Rally
Riposte Payna passive skill in Arena of ValorHealing Light Payna first skill in Arena of ValorForest Sentry Payna second skill in Arena of ValorNature's Rallly Payna ultiamte in Arena of Valor

Class: Support

Role: Buffs

Abilities Detail:


Riposte Payna passive skill in Arena of Valor


When Payna takes damage, she counterattacks and deals 200 magic damage to the attackers and slows their movement speed by 90% for 1 second. This effect only triggers once every 10 seconds.


Healing Light

Healing Light Payna first skill in Arena of Valor

1st skill

Payna uses healing magic to restore 60 hp for herself and nearby friend heres. Also increases attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds.
Attack Speed Increase25%30%35%40%45%50%


Forest Sentry

Forest Sentry Payna second skill in Arena of Valor

2nd skill

Payna summons an owl to attack enemies. The owl flies between the enemy units and deals 200 magic damage each hit and stuns enemies temporarily. When there are 2 or more enemy targets, the same enemy can be hit more than once.


Nature's Rally

Nature's Rallly Payna ultiamte in Arena of Valor


Payna creats a zone that increases armor nearby friendly units by 200. Enemy units in the zone suffers 250 magic damage evey 0.5 secnods and 20% reduced movement speed while in the zone. Enemies who remain in the zone for more than 2 seconds are stunned for 1.5 seconds. This abilty must be channeled and has a maximum duration of 5 seconds. Moving or using another ability after 0.6 seconds will interrupt this ability.
Armor Increase200250300


Items Recommendation

Asterion's BucklerFlashy BootsVirtue's NecklaceFrosty's RevengeTome of the ReaperThe Aegis
Asterion's Buckler provide 1000 Max HP and 60hp per 5 secondsflashy boot will provide 10% cooldown speed and 60 movement speedwill provide 140 ability power 20% cooldown speed 300 max mana and 30mana per 5 sencodswill provide 140 ability power 220 magic defense 7% movement speedwill provide 240ability power 500 max hpThe Aegis provide 20% cooldown speed 400 max mana 360 armor



Tier 1

Arena of Valor CurseArena of Valor lifeArena of Valor Guard
Ability Power +1.5Max HP +21Armor +2.5

Tier 2

Arena of Valor MagmaArena of Valor GuerrillaArena of Valor Potential
Ability Power +2.5
Critical Chance +0.3%
Max HP +13.5
Movement Speed +0.7%
Max HP 15.7
+3.1 HP / 5sec
Cooldown speed +0.3%

Tier 3

Arena of Valor DesolateArena of Valor AssassinateArena of Valor Purity
Ability Power +4.2
Magic Pierce +2.4
Attack Damage +1.6
Movement Speed +1%
Cooldown Speed +1%


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