VoodooToxicFortunate GiftDetonation
Voodoo Mganga passive skill in Arena of ValorToxic Manga 1st skill in Arena of ValorFortunate Gift Mganga 2nd skill in Arena of ValorDetonation Mganga ultimate in Arena of Valor

Class: Mage / Support

Role: Harrass / Healer

Abilities Detail:


Voodoo Mganga passive skill in Arena of Valor


Normal attakcs an abilities inflict a continous poison effect that deals 25 magic damage and adds 1 Voodoo mark to enemy heroes.



Toxic Manga 1st skill in Arena of Valor

1st skill

Mganga creates a poisonous cloud at the target area that slowly spreads and deals 40 magic damage for 4 seconds and slow enemy's movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds.


Fortunate Gift

Fortunate Gift Mganga 2nd skill in Arena of Valor

2nd skill

Mganga hurls magic items in the specified direction to cause 90 magic damage to any enemy he hits. However, if he hits an ally hero, he will affix a healing mark on them that will recover HP.



Detonation Mganga ultimate in Arena of Valor


Mganga sets off explosive that deals 120 magic damage to all nearby enemies and heal friendly heroes by 120HP. The explosion effects are increased 50% per stack for marked enemies , and HP restored to allies is increased  by 50% per stack.


Items Recommendation

Mantle of RaSonic BootsOdil's WillGaia's StandardShield of the LostHercule's Madness
Mantle of Ra provide 80 attack damage and 330 armorSonic boots will provide 110armor and 60 movement speedOdin's Will provide 60 attack damage and 1000 max hpGaia's Standard provide 180 magic denfese 1100 max hp and 5% movement speedShield of the Lost provide 360 armor and 1200 max hpHercule's Madness provide 50 attack damage 180 armor 150 magic defense



Tier 1

Arena of Valor CurseArena of Valor AbsorptionArena of Valor Disruption
Ability Power +1.5Magic Life Steal +0.4%Magic Pierce +2.2

Tier 2

Arena of ValorArena of Valor RevalationArena of Valor Corrosion
Ability Power +2.5
Magic Pierce +1.4
Ability Power +1.4
Magic Life Steal +0.8%
Magic Defense +1.6
Ability Power +0.9
Magic Pierce +3.8

Tier 3

ScepterBlood MagicFlurry
Arena of Valor ScepterArena of Valor Blood MagicArena of Valor Stain
Ability Power +4.2
Attack Speed +0.6%
Ability Power +2.4
Magic Life Steal +1%
Attack Speed +0.6%
Magic Pierce +6.4

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