Max Arena of Valor Tank hero


Static ShockBionic BlenderSmooth MovesLiftoff
Static Shock Max passive Arena of ValorBionic Blender Max first skill Arena of ValorSmooth Moves Max second skill Arena of ValorLiftoff Max ultimate Arena of Valor

Class: Tank / Warrior

Role: Mobility / Initiator

Abilities Detail:

Static Shock

Static Shock Max passive Arena of Valor


Every time Max damages, the enemy gets shocked, causing them to suffer 30(+4 per level)(+0.22AD) per second and have their health regeneration reduced by 25% for 3seconds.


Bionic Blender

Bionic Blender Max first skill Arena of Valor

1st skill 

Max spins his robot arms around, dealing 300(+0.9AD) to enemies. Every time he hits an enemy, he increases his movement speed by 10%(up to a maximum of 50%) for 4 seconds.


Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves Max second skill Arena of Valor

2nd skill

Max rushes toward his target and flips over them, landing on their opposite side. Once on the other side, Max activates magnetic field that reduces Max's Damage taken by 15% for 3 seconds. This ability can be used again within 4 seconds.
Damage Reduction15%16%17%18%19%20%



Liftoff Max ultimate Arena of Valor


Max fires trackes that attack to all enemy heroes for a short time. The trackes allow allies to see the enemies  locations and interrupt enemy recall actins. While the trackers are active, Max can ba then select an enemy to track and ram into by holding down the ability button. Ramming into the enemy deals 600(+1.0AD) and knocks them back. If Max takes too long to select an enemy, then he will have to fire the trackers again. When Max lands, he activates a magnetic force field that reduces his damage taken, increases his resistence by 30%, and shocks all nearby enemies. Pressing the ability again  while Max is tracking an enemy will cancel the attack, making max land immediately and activate his force field.



Tier 1

PassionLife Guard
Arena of Valor PassionArena of Valor lifeArena of Valor Guard
Attack Damage +0.9Max HP +21Armor +2.5

Tier 2

Arena of Valor MasterArena of Valor ReinforceArena of Valor Potential
Attack Damage +1.5
Attack Speed +0.4%
Max HP +36
Armor +1.6
Max HP +15.7
+3.1 HP / 5sec
Cooldown Speed +0.3%

Tier 3

Golden BodySpiritProwess
Arena of Valor Golden BodyArena of Valor SpiritArena of Valor Prowess
Attack Speed +1%
Max HP +33.7
Armor +2.3
Attack Speed +1%
Movement Speed +1% 
Max HP +37.5
Cooldown Speed +0.6%

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