Gildur Arena of Valor


Midas TouchSiegeExtravagantIndulgence
Midas Touch Arena of ValorSiege Arena of Valorextravagant arena of valorIndulgence Arena of Valor

Class : Tank

Role : Control / Mobility

Abilities Detail:

Midas Touch Midas Touch Arena of Valor PassiveEvery 4th normal attack knocks back targets and deals 264 magic damage Additionally, Gildur gains a sheild for a short period of time when he use any of his abilities.


Siege Siege Arena of Valor 1st skillGildur charges forward dealing 90(+0.45AD)(+0.45AP) physical damage to enemies in his path. His normal attack becomes midas touch.
Base Damage90100110120130140


Extravagantextravagant arena of valor2nd skillGildur Launches molten gold that explodes upon contact with an enemy stunning and dealing 300 (+1.5AP) to all enemies nearby.
Base Damage300350400450500550


IndulegenceIndulgence Arena of ValorUltGildur summons golden shards that stun and deal 100 (+0.45AP)to every enemy hit. This ability must be channeled and has a maximum hit duration of 3.5 seconds. Moving or using another ability after 1 second of channeling wil interrupt this ability.
Base Damage100130160


Items Recommendation

Orb of the MagiSonic BootsBerith's AgonyHecate's DiademApocalyspeHoly of Holies
will provide 140 ability power and 10% cooldown speedSonic boots will provide 110armor and 60 movement speedwill provide 140 ability power 10% cooldown speed and 270 armorwill provide 200 ability powerwill provide 200 ability power 10% cooldown speedwill provide 400 ability power



Tier 1

Arena of Valor CurseArena of Valor AbsorptionArena of Valor Disruption
Ability Power: +1.5Magic Life Steal +0.4%Magic Pierce +2.2

Tier 2

Arena of ValorArena of Valor RevalationArena of Valor Corrosion
Ability Power +2.5
Magic Pierce +1.4
Ability Power +1.4
Magic Life Steal +0.8%
Magic Defense +1.6
Ability Power +0.9
Magic Pierce +3.8

Tier 3

ViolateBlood MagicFlurry
Arena of Valor DesolateArena of Valor Blood MagicArena of Valor Stain
Ability Power +4.2
Magic Pierce +2.4
Ability Power +2.4
Magic Life Steal +1%
Attack Speed +0.6%
Magic Pierce +6.4

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