Bladed GuardianSpin SlashFearless ChargeDire Blow
Bladed Guardian Astrid passive skill in Arena of ValorSpin Slash Astrid 1st skill in Arena of ValorFearless Charge Astrid 2nd skill in Arena of valorDire Blow Astrid ultimate in Arena of Valor

Class: Warrior

Role: Mobility

Abilities Detail:

Bladed Guardian

Bladed Guardian Astrid passive skill in Arena of Valor


When Astrid's HP falls below 80%, she gains a shield that absorbs 450HP for 4 seconds. The shield effect has a 24 second cooldown and will be reactivated when Astrid takes damage again. While the sheild is active, t deas 125 magic damage to surrounding enemies. Cooldown is reduced by 3seconds every time. Astrid hits an enemy hero with an ability or normal attack and by 1.5 seconds every time she hits an enemy minion or monster.


Spin Splash

Spin Slash Astrid 1st skill in Arena of Valor

1st skill

Astrid swings her mighty sword around, dealing 160physical damage to surrounding enemies. If she hits an enemy hero, Astrid's attack speed will increase by 20% and an additional 5% for every other hero hit for 3 seconds.


Fearless Charge

Fearless Charge Astrid 2nd skill in Arena of valor

2nd skill

Astrid charges forward, dealing 60 physical damage, slowing enemy movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds, and decreasing target armor by 30% for 4 seconds. Her next normal attack will be a critical hit and will reduce fearless charge's cooldown by 1 second. This efffect cannot stack.


Dire Blow

Dire Blow Astrid ultimate in Arena of Valor


Astrid powers up and becomes immune to all damage for 2 seconds. After 1.5 seconds, she swings her sword, dealing 500 physical damage. For every 2% of her own maximum HP that Astrid has lost, she will deal 1% more damage. The ability slows the enemy's movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If the enemy's HP is higher than Astrid's, then the ablity also stuns enemy for 1 second.


Items Recommendation

RankbreakerSonic BootsMantle of RaMail of PainMedallion of TroyAncestral Glory
Tier 3 attack damage that will provide alt of attack damage and cooldown speedSonic boots will provide 110armor and 60 movement speedMantle of Ra provide 80 attack damage and 330 armorMail of Pain will provide 300 armor and 1200 max hpMedallion of Troy provide 10% cooldown speed 360 magic defense 1000max hpAncestral Glory provide 1000 max hp



Tier 1

Arena of Valor PassionArena of Valor lifeArena of Valor Stab
Attack Damage +0.9Max HP +21Armor Pierce +2.2

Tier 2

Arena of Valor MasterArena of Valor FuryArena of Valor Savage
Attack Damage +1.5
Attack Speed +0.4%
Attack Speed +0.4%
Critical Chance +0.3%
Movement Speed +0.5%
Max HP +13.5
Armor Pierce +3.8

Tier 3

OnslaughtSpiritDragon's Claw
Arena of Valor OnslaughtArena of Valor SpiritArena of Valor Dragon's Claw
Attack Damage +2
Armor Pierce +3.6
Attack Speed +1%
Movement Speed +1%
Attack Damage +0.9
Armor Pierce +6.4

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