Arthur Arena of Valor


ParagonRighteous FervorHoly GuardDeep Impact
Paragon Arena of Valor Arthur Passive skilliRighteous Fervor Arena of Valor Arthur First skillHoly Guard Arena of Valor Second SkillDeep Impact Arena of Valor Ultimate

Class: Tank / Warrior

Role: Control / Initiator

Abilities Detail:


Paragon Arena of Valor Arthur Passive skilli


Arthur is blessed by the heaves and gains 28armor (scales with hero level).


Righteous Fervor

Righteous Fervor Arena of Valor Arthur First skill

1st skill


Arthur powers up, raising his movement speed by 30%. During his next normal attack, Arthur leaps at his target, dealing 180(+1.0AD) and slowing their movement speed by 90% for 1 second. The target damaged by this ability will be marked for 5 seconds. Marked enemies will suffer additional damage from Arthur's normal attacks and abilities equal to 1% of their maximum HP as magic damage. THis ability also raises the movement speed of nearby ally heroes for 5 seconds.


Holy Guard

Holy Guard

2nd skill

Arthur Sommons divine blades that circle around him, dealing 100 (+0.35AD)(+0.4AP) per hit for 5 seconds.



Deep Impact

Deep Impact Arena of Valor Ultimate


Arthur jumps up high and crashes torwards hit target, dealing 750(+1.3AD) and knocks surrounding enemies into the air for 0.5 seconds enemies caught in the blast radius suffer 100 (+0.35AD)every second for 5 seconds.

Burn Damage100125150


Items Recommendation:

Mantle of RaSonic BootsGaia's StandardFrost CapeOdin's WillAncestral Glory
Mantle of Ra provide 80 attack damage and 330 armorSonic boots will provide 110armor and 60 movement speedGaia's Standard provide 180 magic denfese 1100 max hp and 5% movement speedFrost Cape provide 10% cooldown speed 300 armor 800 max hpOdin's Will provide 60 attack damage and 1000 max hpAncestral Glory provide 1000 max hp



Tier 1

Passion LifeStab
Arena of Valor PassionArena of Valor lifeArena of Valor Stab
Attack Damage +0.9Max HP +21Armor Pierce +2.2

Tier 2

MasterFinal BattleSavage
Arena of Valor MasterArena of Valor Final BattleArena of Valor Savage
Attack Damage +1.5
Attack Speed +0.4%
Attack Damage +0.6
Max HP +36
Max HP +13.5
Armor Pierce +3.8

Tier 3

OnslaughtAssassinateDragon's Claw
Arena of Valor OnslaughtArena of Valor AssassinateArena of Valor Dragon's Claw
Attack Damage +2
Armor Pierce +3.6
Attack Damage +1.6
Movement Speed +1%
Attack Damage +0.9
Armor Pierce +6.4

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