Spear of longinus

Spear of Longinus

Spear of Longinus provide heroes a huge attack damage and a lot of cooldown speed plus huge armor as well, this item is for facing a tank or a marksman hero. With the power of 1 hit decreases target armor for 5 seconds and stack up to 5 times, this is over power to get 1.


+80 attack damage
+15% cooldown speed
+150 armor


2060 gold

Item passive:

Decrease target armor by 50 on hit for 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.

Item build:

Tier 3 attack damage items that provide attack damage cooldown speed and armor

Tier 2 attack damage that provide attack damage and amour piece   +   Platinum Gauntlets provide 10% cooldown speed and 100armor

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