Omni arms

Omni Arms

Omi Arms is an item that provide alot of advantages for player heroes. This item is really good, it provide attack damage, attack speed, life steal, cooldown speed and HP for heroes.


+70 attack damage
+ 15% attack speed
+ 10% cooldown speed
+ 500 Max HP


2150 gold

Item passive:

After using an abiblity, the next normal attack within  5seconds deals 100% more physical damage .

passive cooldown:

2 seconds.

Item build:

Tier 3 attack damage items that will provide attack damage attack speed life steal cooldown speed and max hp

Tier 2 items for attack damage heroes that provide attack damage and attack speed   +   Tier 2 attack damge item that provide damage for early game   +   Ring of Vitality provide 300 max hp

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