Blitz blade

Blitz Blade

Blitz Blade is a very good item for both range and melee heroes, it provide alot of potential using this item such as: good attack damage, attack speed, life steal and movement speed.


+60 attack damage
+30% attack speed
+10% life steal
+5% movement speed


2020 gold

Item passive:

Every 8 seconds, the next normal attack triggers a chain lightning that deals 150(+20% attack damage) physical damage. Each normal attack also carries life steal and reduces cooldown by 1 seconds on hit which is really good for a high dps heroes.

Item build:

Tier 3 attack damage items that will provide attack damage attack speed life steal and movement speed

Tier attack damage item that provide attack speed and movement speed   +   Tier 2 items for attack damage that provide life steal and damage   +   Tier 2 attack damge item that provide damage for early game

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