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Peace Keeper

Peacekeeper | Apex legends - zilliongamer

Peacekeeper can be used to ideal for the medium and long range and hard to ideal for the close range because of it is a single shot weapons.

Peacekeeper Stats

Peacekeeper Stats including:

Weapon Name:Peacekeeper
Ammo type:Shotgun Shells
Damage to body:110
Damage to head:165
Magazine Capacity:8
Reload time (Without any ammo):3.5s
Reload time (With remaining ammo):2.5s

3 Attachment Slots

Attachment is an item that we can use it to attach to our weapon and make our weapon become more powerful than it used to be.

Peacekeeper has 3 attachment slots including:

  • Mag Attachment
  • Hop-up Attachment
  • Optic Attachment

After attaching these attachment to Peacekeeper will become more powerful,more ammo capacity,more vision accuracy and spread shot across three projectiles.

Peacekeeper Recoil Guide

Peacekeeper Recoil Guide include:Recoil is the backward movement of weapon when it is firing. Knowing each weapons recoil can help you to improve your weapon handling.

Scope-in (Fire weapon using optic)

Peacekeeper Scope-in recoil | Apex Legends - zilliongamerPeacekeeper has such low recoil that even on hip fire the bullets seems to hug each other, this mean that it is good to use both hip fire and scope-in but for more accuracy scope-in is recommended.

In Short,Peacekeeper is kind of a single shoot shotgun weapon using shotgun ammo holding up to 6 ammo per magazine.Known as a medium and long range weapon that can be useful in early game. Peacekeeper shotguns can deal incredible damage and can take out the enemies with 1 shot if the enemies has no armor.

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