Eva-8 Auto

2019-03-11 17:28:21

Eva-8 Auto is kind of a full-auto shotgun weapon using shotgun shells holding up to 8 ammo per magazine.Known as a short range weapon that can be useful in early game.However, Eva-8 Auto is not a hard-hitting as other shotguns in Apex Legends.


2019-03-12 14:21:24

Mastiff is a kind of shotgun that can be rare to find in the game but this weapon is extremely insane and can deal hard damage to your enemies and it can use in all ranges.


2019-03-12 16:07:40

Peacekeeper is a kind of shotgun weapons that have in Apex Legends. Peacekeeper can be used to deal damage to the enemies in medium and long range.


2019-03-12 16:45:01

Mozambique is also type of shotgun weapons in Apex Legends. This weapon is a triple barrel shotgun and can be useful in the early when we pick it in our hand to eliminate the enemies.