L-Star EMG Weapon Information & Stats

Weapon Information: L-Star EMG

L-Star EMG is the latest weapon added into Apex Legends. Available only in airdrops. The weapon uses special rounds holding up to 40 per magazine and only 3 magazines to use. Known as a very strong weapon with high DPS but overheating when overfired.

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Weapon Stats, Attachment, Tier: L-Star EMG

L-Star EMG has very impressive stats including accuracy, damage, recoil, and stability.

Here are a complete stats of L-Star EMG.

Weapon type:Light machine gun
Ammo type:Special heavy round
Damage per second:252
Rate of fire:720 rpm
Body shot:21
Full reload:2.3 seconds
Tactical reload:1.4 seconds
Fire modes:Full auto
Magazine capacity:40

The Weapon Stats is based on in-game raw data.

Attachment Information

L-Star EMG has no attachment slots.

L-Star EMG Weapon Tier

According to our weapon tier list, L-Star EMG Tier is S.

Weapon Recoil: L-STAR EMG

L-STAR EMG tactical recoil is Vertical. Recommend fire a quick burst to avoid recoil kicking and overheating canon cause to stop firing.

Weapon History


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