Devotion LMG Stats, Tier, & Recoil Guide - Apex Legends

Devotion LMG Stats - Apex Legends

Devotion LMG | Apex legends - zilliongamer

Apex Legends Devotion is a full auto light machine gun that deal high damage and has fast fire rate. However, devotion doesn't fire instantly, the weapon need time to spin up before it can shoot which draw back it popularity. 


Turbocharge Hop-Up can help to reduce the spin up time before firing for Devotion. Devotion LMG Stats

Weapon NameDevotion LMG
Ammunition typeEnergy ammo
Ammunition per magazine44
Tactical reload time2.8 seconds
Full reload time3.6 seconds

Devotion LMG Profile Damage

Here you can find the damage stats of Devotion LMG including Head, Body, & Leg.

Damage TypeDamage

Devotion LMG Attachment explained

Devotion LMG require 4 attachments to be fully decked out. Those 4 attachments are:

Barrel Stabilizer | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Barrel Attachments help reduces recoil.

Optic Attachment | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Optic Attachments provide better line of sight. 

Standard Stock | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Stock Attachments reduces aim drift.

Skullpiercer Rifling | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Hop-Up Attachments reduces spin up time before firing.

Devotion LMG Tier - Apex Legends

According to our weapons tier list, Devotion LMG Tier is B consider as Great Weapons to use according to the weapon performance and stats.

Devotion LMG Recoil Guide - Apex Legends

As you already knew devotion is a light machine gun with extremely fast fire rate so the recoil will be a big thread to this weapon especially during Hip Fire.

Hip Fire (Fire weapon using crosshair)

Devotion LMG Hip Fire recoil | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Devotion LMG hip fire recoil is very spread and inaccurate. Firing devotion without optic and medium close range and i will guarantee you that non of your shot will hit the enemy.

Scope-in (Fire weapon using optic)

Devotion LMG Scope-in recoil | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Devotion LMG Scope-in recoil is less spread and less vertical which is really great to hit target, doing a quick spray is highly recommended. 

To summarize, Devotion LMG is a good weapon in Apex Legends to use just because it has spin up time doesn't mean that it is hard to use. 

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