How to play Octane new character in Apex Legends ?

New character for Apex Legends name Octane. Here is the guide of how to play better.

Apex Legends has released their first season in yesturday which is titled Wild Frontier. 

A new legends also appeared in this new season as well which name is OCTANE

The High-Speed Daredevil aka OCTANE are given 3 abilities as with every single character. 

Down below you can find all guide including: How to play Octane, Explanation of Octane all 3 abilities, and how you can play Octane aggressively.

Here is what to know about Octane in Apex Legends

Octane | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Octane is a new legends that require you to unlock it in-game store. 

There are 2 ways to unlock Octane. 

You will need 12,000 Legend Tokens to unlock it. Legend Tokens will be rewards when you play every match in Apex Legends or you can unlock Octane with APEX Coins which cost you 750 Coins but there you will need to buy 1000 Coins which will cost you 9.99 USD or 7.99 EUR.

After you unlock Octane i recommend you not to ready up instantly because you might need to understand his abilities otherwise it will be hard for you in the first 2 or 3 matches.

Because Octane is a new legends in Apex Legends everybody else also wanted to test it out, so i recommend you to set featured so that your teammates know that you want to play it. 

How to play OCTANE in Apex Legends ?

Don't worry we've got you cover and set with a bunch of useful tips to play OCTANE better and winning more match with this character.

OCTANE in Apex Legends | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

This new character is all about Speed and Momentum. If is important to use your skill properly and make sure you are not wasting it for no reason.

OCTANE tend to have a better mobility then other Legends, This lead to an advantage of chasing down enemies or escaping for enemies when you have low health but there is a catch.

Playing OCTANE as a front line or close range combat is recommended. With the knowing of this here is are some weapons that we recommend you to use with OCTANE:

Peacekeeper Shotguns in Apex Legends.Peacekeeper ShotgunEva-8 Auto Shotgun in Apex Legends.Eva-8 Auto 
R-301 Carbine Rifle in Apex Legends.R-301 CarbineAlternator SMG in Apex Legends. Alternator SMG

We recommend Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sub Machine Guns because it is a good weapons for close range combat.

Peacekeeper Shotgun : Has high damage to use in close range fight but require consistence aim to hit target. 

Eva-8 Auto : Deal high damage in close range and able to use it rapidly.

R-301 Carbine : Deal high damage in close range and able to use it full-auto which can take down enemies faster.

Alternator SMG : Deal high damage and has fast fire rate that can take down enemies as fast as R-301 Carbine.

Now you know that OCTANE require a lot decision in abilities, and weapons in other to play it but hey we will break down those decision for you down in the abilities explanation.

3 OCTANE abilities that you should know how to use

Octane Passive ability: Swift Mend

SWIFT MEND is Octane passive ability. This ability Octane to restores health over time while not taking any damage. It mean that if you caught in a gunfight and manage to escape to a safe place you will have a faster health recovering. 

To be more details here's a number that we test it in game:

Octane will slowly restores health by 1 health point every 2 seconds.


SWIFT MEND won't activate outside the zone because it count as taking damage.

You don't need to press any button to trigger the passive ability, just try to find a place where you don't receive fire and it will automatically heal you back tick to tick.

Octane Tactical ability: Stim

STIM is Octane tactical ability. This ability will boost your movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds but it cost your health to pay for it.

To make it simpler to understand : You will lost 20% of health to boost 30% movement speed the decision is yours to choose.

STIM will take 2 seconds to recharge the ability for you to use it again.


You will run faster when activate STIM tactical ability but in other to reach the maximum speed  possible we recommend you to not holding your weapons

Always look at your health before using STIM, You know that you will lost 20% so if you have less than 20% the outcome will be ugly.

Octane Ultimate ability: Launch Pad

LAUNCH PAD is Octane ultimate ability. This ability allow you to deploy a jump pad on the ground and launch the users through the air in the direction that you are going. 

You can run over it, jump onto it, slide on to it or jump from a higher place to launch slightly further.  

LAUNCH PAD will take 90 seconds to recharge the ability before you can use it again.


Anybody can use your LAUNCH PAD so use it smartly to avoid getting chase down. 

Activate STIM passive ability then deploy a launch pad will make you jumped slightly further as well.

You can also bounce a grenade with LAUNCH PAD but it won't guarantee you 100%.

How you can play OCTANE aggressively 

How you can play OCTANE aggressively.

After learning all of Octane skills and weapons choice now we will teach you how to play Octane more aggressive.

First of all it is important that you already know the basic of shooting and have a good aim so that hitting enemies target is not a problem getting into this.

Don't Afraid to lose your health this is important for Octane players, you need to understand that you will have faster movement then the enemies if you use your tactical ability which is STEM. Use them smartly to outrun and outplay the enemies in gunfight, your passive ability will help you to recover your health back when the fight is done. 

Using STEM and SLIDE at the same time when doing this combo you will move even faster that using STEM alone, it is a great combo to use for escaping enemies or chasing down enemies. 

Try to have a good position before deploying your ultimate this can cause a life or dead situation if you use it correctly, try to find a tight spot or a spot where enemies won't expect that your JUMPAD will be there. 

That is it for OCTANE Apex Legends new character guide. You can find this Legends in the store and unlock it now. Go give it a try.

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