How to Play Bangalore in Apex Legends

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Bangalore Skills Overview:

First you need to understand how powerful Bangalore is. Bangalore run faster when getting hit by enemies which is her passive skill. Bangalore tactical skill is an ability that can deploy a smoke to avoid getting shot at. Calling in artillery airstrike is her ultimate which deal huge damage if enemies are inside the air strike zone.

Bangalore Skills Guide:

How to play Bangalore in Apex Legends | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

In Apex Legends, Bangalore is a character that has a great passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities that make her suited best for front line combat. 

Bangalore Passive ability

Bangalore passive is call DOUBLE TIME.

Bangalore Passive Skills | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Passive description: "Taking fire while sprinting make you move faster for a brief of time".

DOUBLE TIME can be use as escaping abilities  when Bangalore get shot down to low health, but it can also be use as an advantage to boost her movement speed so she can chase down her target that might be low on health as well.

Take note that Bangalore passive did not last forever so use it wisely and try to take cover before it run out.

Bangalore Tactical ability

Bangalore tactical is call SMOKE LAUNCHER.

Bangalore Tactical Skills | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Tactical description: "Fire a high velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact."

SMOKE LAUNCHER is a great ability, deploying a smoke canister to avoid taking fire from enemies that pinches you or provide a cover to revive your teammates. 

Use SMOKE LAUNCHER incorrectly can cause you to lose sight of enemies that you are chasing.

Bangalore Ultimate ability

Bangalore ultimate is call ROLLING THUNDER.

Bangalore Ultimate Skills | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Ultimate description: "Call in artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape."

ROLLING THUNDER is a zone out ultimate that can deal huge damage if you use it correctly. 

It require you to toss a short range grenade down to the battlefield to summon her ultimate. Try to avoid using Bangalore ultimate in a place where there are a lot of cover, or structure around because it will be useless when enemies has cover to hide from artillery strike.

Use ROLLING THUNDER correctly can pay off a big price like knock down enemies or wipe out the whole squad.

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