4 Tips to Master Bloodhound in Apex Legends

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Here are 4 Tips to Master Bloodhound in Apex Legends - In this article we will guide you through from his skills to character that Bloodhound can counter.

Bloodhound Skills Guide in Apex Legends

Our First 3 Tip is Bloodhound Skills, Bloodhound has 3 skills that help him to increase his position awareness and the ability to reveal enemy positions.

Bloodhound Skills Guide in Apex Legends.

Down below is a break down of detail explanation include all Bloodhound abilities.

Bloodhound Passive Skills Explained: TRACKER

Bloodhound Passive Skills: Tracker in Apex Legends

Description: Tracker - "Foes Leave behind clues for you to find".

The description of this Bloodhound skill might be a little confusing if you are new to this character. 

TRACKER is a passive ability that give you vision of an enemy player on the floor. You can figure out where an enemy went by noticing the track colour, and timer of it.

Each Track will stay on the floor for 60 seconds before it fade out. 

The track colour is important and here is why:

Red Colour of the track told you that it is fresh new, means the enemy was just here few seconds ago they are somewhere around here.

White Colour track mean that it is old so the enemy could be here less than 60 seconds ago.

So If you find a Red Colour track try looking around you for more clues of where it is because that is likely lead you to the enemy. 

Bloodhound Tactical Skills Explained: EYE OF ALL FATHER

Bloodhound Tactical Skills Eye of all father in Apex Legends.

Description: EYE OF ALL FATHER - "Briefly reveal enemies, traps, and clues through all the structure in front of you".

EYE OF ALL FATHER is a tactical ability that require you to press the giving button on your controller or keyboard to activate it.

When activate EYE OF ALL FATHER Bloodhound scanned the direction in front of him showing you the last scanned position of your enemy, trap, tracks and more but the chance is the enemy is already moving as soon as you see the image of the enemy.

You can spot the enemy image roughly through the smoke and give a predict shot as well.

Scanning to see if the enemy is reviving their teammate is really useful and can be given you accurate position.

This tactical ability will need 35 seconds before you can use it again.

Bloodhound Ultimate Skills Explained: BEAST OF THE HUNT

Bloodhound Ultimate Skills: Beast of the hunt in Apex Legends

Description: BEAST OF THE HUNT - "Transform into the ultimate hunter. Enhance your sense allowing  you to see tracks and move faster".

This Ultimate Ability basically turn you into a bull. An entire screen turn black and white while the enemy turn to bright red and you can see every enemy for straight 30 seconds you also given a huge speed boost to chase down the enemy. 

Since your ultimate will need some time to activate you might need to activate it before gunfight

You can use this ability in many way possible: 

  1. Use it to search for enemies if you didn't run into enough action and want to get involve.
  2. Use it to escape or relocate since you are given a huge speed boost
  3. Use it to execute a flanking maneuver by activate it behind enemies line.

You need to know that when activate this ability the sound of the activation is extremely loud so consider activate it far from the enemy because they can hear you and clearly heard you if they have a good headphone.

Bloodhound Ultimate ability will take 3m30s to reuse it again. 

4 Legends that Bloodhound can Counter

This Tip will explain you about the legends that Bloodhound can easily counter and win almost in any fight.


Bangalore Character in Apex Legends.

Bloodhound will most likely to counter Bangalore easily because when activating his tactical or ultimate ability he can see through everything which mean that he can also see through Bangalore Tactical skills

2. Caustic

Caustic Character in Apex Legends.

This is the same to Bangalore but take notice that Caustic can also spot you so you both will most likely have to combat during Caustic Ultimate skills but you need to know that you will run out of your ultimate but Cuastic don't, so during that 30 seconds you need to use the best out of it.

3. Mirage

Mirage Character in Apex Legends.

Mirage can fool other legends but not Bloodhound when you activate your tactical or ultimate you can easily spot him during his cloak  or his ultimate skills which leave no where but crawling on the ground. 

4. Wraith

Wraith Character in Apex Legends.

With Wraith tactical ability she might be able to escape for a short time but if you manage to timing your tactical ability you can easily chase her down and try to kill her. This will basically left Wraith tactical ability useless against your tactical ability.

This is it for 4 Tips to Master Bloodhound in Apex Legends Guide Article

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