5 Tips to Improve as Bangalore in Apex Legends

Here are 5 Tips to Improve as Bangalore in Apex Legends.

Here are 5 Tips to Improve as Bangalore in Apex Legends. In this article we will guide you through Bangalore skills, tier list, and character that Bangalore can work perfectly with.

Bangalore Skills Guide in Apex Legends

The first 3 tips are Bangalore Skills. Bangalore has 3 skills that can save her from an intense battle as well as creating a chaotic to zone out an enemy.

Bangalore character in Apex Legends Skills Guide.

Down below is a break down of detail explanation including all 3 Bangalore Skills. 

Bangalore Passive Skill Explained: Double Time

Double Time: Passive Skills in Apex Legends.

Description: Double Time - "Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time".

Quite Simply Bangalore Passive give you a 25 % speed boost and last for 2seconds when you are taking fire from an enemy. It reset for each and every incoming bullet or explosion.

It is consider as one of the strongest passive in the game, because it's like having a free bloodhound ultimate during every single gunfight. 

You can take advantage of Bangalore Passive to move into a better position or running away. You also can use this passive to push the enemy which is very useful because you have that speed boost to strafeslide, and climb faster. 

You cannot toggle Bangalore Passive on or off, which mean you have to get shot at to move faster.

Bangalore Tactical Skill Explained: Smoke Grenade Launcher

Smoke Grenade Launcher: Tactical Skills in Apex Legends.

Description: Smoke Grenade Launcher - "Fire a high velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact".

Smoke last for 20 seconds and you can stack of smoke. 

It took 27 seconds cooldown to recharge this tactical ability.

There is a wide range of how to use this tactical ability such as:

Use it to prevent a long range gun shot from hitting your squad.

Use it to revive with your teammate.

Use it to smoke a supply drop so you can loot it safely without fear of getting shot at.

There is more way to use it because it is a situational ability that you can use it how every you want.

You can also shoot the smoke far away from you, not just close range.

Bangalore Ultimate Skill Explained: Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder: Ultimate Skills in Apex Legends.

Description: Rolling Thunder - "Call in artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape".

Bangalore Ultimate Skill is a zone out skill for enemy to avoid getting close to you.  

After calling in artillery strike that hit the ground, it will detonate after about 8 seconds, each of the missile deal up to 20 damage when it explodes and enemies that get hit will get stun and slow down by 35%

You will gain a speed boost as well inside your own ultimate and other Bangalore ultimate. 

But the draw back of this ultimate is that it will also slow your teammate but they didn't take any damage.

You can use this tactical ability to:

Throw onto an enemy when they revive their teammate.

Shaken up enemies squad a little bit while pushing them.

Avoid them to chase you when you try to escape. 

3 Legends that Bangalore Work pefectly with.

This tip will explain you about the legends that Bangalore can play peferctly with.


Lifeline Character in Apex Legends.

Lifeline is a medic character that can help teammate faster with her passive ability but with Bangalore tactical ability lifeline will become even more immune to the enemies.


Bloodhound Character in Apex Legends.

With Bloodhound ultimate, you can play extremely aggressive because you both have faster movement and Bloodhound ultimate can also see through your smoke which lead to a great advantage.


Gibraltar Character in Apex Legends.

Gibraltar ultimate is the best combo with your ultimate because and will deal extremely high damage when you both using it in the same direction at the same time.

Bangalore Character in Apex Legends Tier List

Bangalore is rated as EXCELLENT character to plays because of her strong passive and tactical ability and get to play along well with other legends.

Bangalore Character in Apex Legends.

This is it for 5 Tips to improve as Bangalore in Apex Legends Article.

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