Apex Legends Vk-47 Flatline Weapon Stats, DPS, & Tier Judgement

Apex Legends Vk-47 Flatline Weapon Guide.

VK-47 Flatline in Apex Legends is a solid and reliable assault rifle that is capable of eliminating enemy in both long and close range. In our Flatline guide we walk you through weapon stats, damage per second (DPS), and Tier judgement if Flatline will be a good weapons for you to use or not.

Apex Legends VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle Stats

Down below you will go through a table fill of all VK-47 Flatline Stats that we think might be helpful for you to know. First table is basic stats of VK-47 Flatline and Second table is about the amount of damage it can produce.

Flatline Basic Stats

AmmoHeavy Rounds
Magazine Size20
Tactical Reload2.40 seconds
Full Reload3.10 seconds
Fire Rate10
Fire ModesSingle, Auto
Projectile Speed26000
Weapon NameVK-47 Flatline

Flatline Damage Stats

Headshots No Helmet32
Headshots Lvl1 Helmet28.8
Headshots Lvl2 Helmet25.6
Headshots Lvl3 Helmet24
Damage TypeDamage Number

VK-47 Flatline doesn't seem to produce a lot of damage which increase the number of shots to kill. Using VK-47 Flatline will require you from 7 to 13 shots to kill 1 enemy. 

Apex Legends VK-47 Flatline Assault Rifle Tier Judgement

If you are not familiar with What weapons tier is ? you can check in our guide article. You can also find a full list of all 20 weapons in Apex Legends Tier List as well.

Apex Legends VK-47 Flatline Tier.

VK-47 Flatline Tier is B. The only draw back that holding Flatline in B Tier is the damage, It is really low especially in Bodyshots which is not a good and it might require this weapon more then 1 magazine clip just to knock and finish down 1 enemy which is really not worth it. 

But if in early landing situation and you cannot find any other weapon that Flatline you might need to use it to get out of fight safe, also early enemy won't have a good vest or helmet yet.

You can find VK-47 Flatline Recoil Guide here . It is fully explained both Hip Fire and Scope-in situations.

What do you think ? Should VK-47 need more damage buff in other to be able to use it as a main damage dealer or you think that the damage is balance for this guns. Please leave comment down below your thought. Thank you for reading an article of Apex Legends Vk-47 Flatline Weapon Stats, DPS, & Tier Judgement.

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