Battle Charge Information, Price, & Rewards List

Check Out all the new rewards and information of season 2 battle pass - BATTLE CHARGE here!!!

Information, Price & Battle Charge Period 

Apex Legends Season 2 is out as well as the new battle pass here is some information you need to know.

  • Complete challenges to level up your Battle Pass.
  • Earn free rewards as you reach higher levels.
  • Earn rewards at every level if you purchase the Premium Pass.
  • You can purchase the Battle Pass anytime during the season to unlock all rewards up to your current level.

Price of Premium & Bundle Pass

Battle Pass cost 950 Apex Coins = 10$

  • Exclusive Legendary Spitfire
  • 3 Exclusive Character Skins

Battle Pass Bundle cost 4,700 Apex Coins = 50$

  • Exclusive Legendary Spitfire
  • 3 Exclusive Character Skins
  • 25 Battle Pass Levels

How Long is The Battle Charge Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass will be available to play for 90 days before it expired.

Free Pass Reward List

You can get 17 free rewards from the free pass. Here is a complete list of free rewards.

2Season 2 Wins as OctaneRare
3Season 2 Wins as WattsonRare
4Season 2 Wins as PathfinderRare
5Season 2 Wins as BangaloreRare
6Season 2 Wins as MirageRare
7Season 2 Wins as CausticRare
8Season 2 Wins as WraithRare
9Season 2 Wins as GibraltarRare
10Season 2 Wins as BloodhoundRare
11Season 2 Wins as LifelineRare
12Apex PackRare
14Apex PackRare
16Apex PackRare
18Apex PackRare
20Apex PackRare
30Wattson Skin Hot RodRare
BonusBadge Battle Charge Season 2-

Wattson Skin - Hot Rod

Wattson Skin - Hot Rod in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Unlock this skin in Battle Pass Level 30 as a Free Reward.

Premium Pass Reward List

You can get 1000 Apex Coins, 1200 Crafting Metals, and 90 rewards out of the Premium Pass. Here is a complete list of premium pass


M600 Spitfire - The Intimidator

Gibraltar - Gilded

Bangalore - Valor

Pathfinder - Dreadnought

XP Boost






2Music Pack - WattsonEpic
3Prowler Bust PDW - StargateRare
4Load Screen - Tip of the SpearRare
5Apex PackEpic
6P2020 - Hot ShotRare
7100 Apex CoinsLegendary
8Octane Frame - Never JadedRare
9120 Crafting MetalsRare
10Bangalore Skydive Emote - SaluteEpic
11XP BoostEpic
12Apex PackRare
13Longbow DMR - RiptideRare
14Load Screen - RavenousRare
15Music Pack - OctaneEpic
16Mozambique - CanopyRare
1750 Apex CoinsLegendary
18Lifeline Frame - Perfect ExecutionRare
19120 Crafting MetalsRare
20Bloodhound Skydive Emote - Stoic StanceEpic
21XP BoostEpic
22Apex PackRare
23G7 Scout - CycloneRare
24Load Screen - Me, Myself, and IRare
25Caustic - Prince of DarknessLegendary
26Havoc Rifle Skin - Blue BloodRare
2750 Apex CoinsLegendary
28Wraith Frame - Dragon ScalesRare
29120 Crafting MetalsRare
30Caustic Skydive Emote - Feel the PowerEpic
31XP BoostEpic
32Apex PackRare
33VK-47 Flatline Skin - Shell GameRare
34Load Screen - Blackheart's RageRare
35Music Pack - BangaloreEpic
36Kraber.50-Cal - ContourRare
37100 Apex CoinsLegendary
38Mirage Frame - Pirate PatchRare
39120 Crafting MetalsRare
40Gibraltar Skydive Emote - Front Row SeatEpic
41XP BoostEpic
4250 Apex CoinsLegendary
43L-Star Skin - ObliterationRare
44Load Screen - LiberationRare
45Lifeline Skydive Emote - Peace OutEpic
46Alternator SMG - Battle ClaspRare
47100 Apex CoinsLegendary
48Bloodhound Frame - Full GearRare
49120 Crafting MetalsRare
50Apex PackLegendary
51XP BoostEpic
5250 Apex CoinsLegendary
53R-301 Carbine Skin - Direct ConnectionRare
54Load Screen - Inventive SpiritRare
55Music Pack - MirageEpic
56RE-45 Auto Skin - FirebrandRare
57100 Apex CoinsLegendary
58Caustic Frame - Battle RoyaltyRare
59120 Crafting MetalsRare
60Mirage Skydrive Emote - Curtain CallEpic
61XP BoostEpic
62Devotion LMG Skin - Inner WorkingsRare
63Peacekeeper Skin - SymbioticRare
64Load Screen - Seeking the CreatorRare
65Music Pack - BloodhoundEpic
66Hemlok Burst AR - MainframeRare
67100 Apex CoinsLegendary
68Bangalore Frame - Taking the CrownEpic
69120 Crafting MetalsRare
70Octane Skydive Emote - Full CircleEpic
71XP BoostEpic
72Alternator SMG - Molten ForgeEpic
73R-99 SMG - StalagmiteRare
74Load Screen - A Hero's FallRare
75Octane Skin - Jade TigerLegendary
76EVA-8 Auto Skin - SutureRare
77100 Apex CoinsLegendary
78Wattson Frame - Light the WayEpic
79120 Crafting MetalsRare
80Pathfinder Skydive Emote - Hi, FriendsEpic
81XP BoostEpic
82Apex PackRare
83Mastiff Shotgun Skin - MoltenRare
84Load Screen - Paying FowardRare
85Music Pack - CausticEpic
86M600 Spitfire Skin - Dark OceanRare
87100 Apex CoinsLegendary
88Pathfinder Frame - Sword in the StoneEpic
89120 Crafting MetalsRare
90Wattson Skydive Emote - Grace FallEpic
91XP BoostEpic
92Apex PackRare
93Triple Take Skin - WhirlpoolRare
94Load Screen - Record BreakerRare
95Wraith Skydive Emote - Flip the RiftEpic
96Wingman Skin - HauntRare
97100 Apex CoinsLegendary
98Gibraltar Frame - Coat of ArmsEpic
99120 Crafting MetalsRare
100R-301 Carbine - The Iron RampageLegendary
BonusR-301 Carbine - The Golden RampageLegendary

3 Legendary Weapon Skins in Premium Pass

Spitfire - The Intimidator

Spitfire Skin - The Intimidator in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Requires Level 1 Premium Reward.

R-301 - The Iron Rampage

R301 Weapon Skin - The Iron Rampage in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Requires Level 100 Premium Reward.

R-301 - The Golden Rampage

R301 Weapon Skin - The Golden Rampage in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Requires Level 110 Premium Reward.

4 Exclusive Character Skins in Premium Pass

Caustic - Prince of Darkness Legendary Skin

Caustic Skin - Prince of Darkness in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Octane - Jade Tiger Legendary Skin

Octane Skin - Jade Tiger in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Gibralter - Gilded Rare Skin

Gibraltar Skin - Gilded in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Bangalore - Valor Rare Skin

Bangalore Skin - Valor in Battle Charge Apex Legend Season 2

Overall Reward from Premium Pass - Battle Charge

  • 1000 Apex Coins
  • 1200 Crafting Metals
  • 10 Exclusive Sky Dive Emotes
  • 2 Exclusive Legendary Character Skins (Caustic & Octane)
  • 2 Three Stage Reactive Legendary R-301 Weapon Skin
  • 1 Exclusive Legendary Spitfire Weapon Skin
  • 1 Exclusive Epic Alternator Weapon Skin
  • 1 Apex Pack with a Guaranteed Legendary item
  • 1 Apex Pack with a Guaranteed Epic item
  • 10 Standard Apex Packs
  • 3 exclusive rare character skins
  • 10 exclusive loading screens
  • 6 exclusive music packs
  • 32 exclusive rare weapon skins
  • 10 exclusive banner frames
  • 10 battle pass boosts

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