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The Apex Legends Battle Pass and Season 1 is finally here with the name of Wild Frontier.

In Season 1 Battle Pass players expect a total of 100 levels and 100 Battle Pass rewards. Players have a chance to earn unique items such as comestic, weapon skins, and more through out this season.

Down below you will be able to find every detail about the new release of Battle Pass. 

Apex Legends Battle Pass - price, start date, and details

Battle Pass Start date

Apex Legends Battle Pass start on Tuesday, 19th March 2019.

Battle Pass Price

Apex Legends offer 3 ways for players to play Battle Pass:

Free Battle Pass 

You can level up your Battle Pass level as normal but you can only get the free Rewards, and only when you reach the require level in the Battle Pass.

Premium Battle Pass Season 1 Price

Premium Battle Pass Price cost you 950 Apex coins.

Apex Legends Premium Battle Pass price | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Unfortunately there are no 950 Apex Coins method to buy in-game shop so you will need to buy 1000 Apex Coins which cost 9.99 USD or 7.99 EUR.

Battle Pass Season 1 Bundle Price

Battle Pass Bundle cost you 2,800 Apex coins.

Apex Legends Bundle Battle Pass price | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

You will need to buy 2150 Apex Coins then another 1,000 Apex Coins which cost in total of 29.98 USD or 23.98 EUR.

Battle Pass Season 1 Details

Battle Pass Season 1 | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

The Battle Pass is a seasonal system that rewards players with the exclusive cosmetic items.  Those who play the Battle Pass for free can unlock some of the items when reach the require level and those who choose to purchase the Battle Pass can earn up to 100 different rewards.

It is important to know that during the period of Battle Pass Season 1 everything that you manage to complete and get the reward is forever yours to keep.

Battle Pass Season 1 rewards explained

Free Battle Pass rewards 

Leveling up the Battle Pass is the same as paid user but you will only get free rewards along the way. 

Free Rewards include: 

  • 1 Wild Frontier Legend Skin
  • 5 Apex Packs
  • 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers

Premium Battle Pass rewards

This Battle Pass let you access to all 100 rewards. You will unlock one reward per level. You also get the free rewards when you reach the required level as well.

Premium Rewards include:

  • 1000 Apex Coins
  • Weapon Skin
  • 1 Apex Pack with a Guaranteed Legendary item
  • 1 Apex Pack with a Guaranteed Epic item
  • 5 Standard Apex Packs
  • 3 exclusive rare character skins
  • 9 exclusive banner frames
  • 9 exclusive intro quips
  • 9 exclusive seasonal stat trackers
  • Exclusive badges, Battle Pass boosts and  more !

Battle Pass Bundle rewards

With Battle Pass Bundle everything is the same as Standard Battle Pass except you will get 25 Battle Pass Levels instantly after purchasing it.


It is important to know that you will earn 1000 Apex Coins out of this Battle Pass If you play enough, which mean that you can keep the Apex coins to purchase the next Battle Pass.  You'll only need to buy the first Battle Pass to keep unlocking new passes as they come.

If you play the battle pass for free and reach a particular level, then buy the Battle Pass at that time you will unlock all of the rewards from the level that you have pass. To make it more simple here's an example:

  • You can play free battle pass and reach level 100, then you decide to buy Premium Battle pass at that time all the premium rewards will be unlock for you to claim.

All the rewards that you claim will be yours to keep forever, unless you forget to claim it. 

All rewards won't be available again after the Season end. By that you can't find all the exclusive items of Season 1 anywhere again.

Season 1: Wild Frontier will last for months. 

Apex Legends Battle pass All Rewards list

Battle Pass LevelPremium RewardFree Reward
1Lifeline Skin - Revolutionary
Mirage Skin - Outlaw
Wraith Skin - Survivor
2Triple Take Skin: HarvestApex Pack - Rare
3Wraith Tracker - Season 1 Kills-
4Hemlok Burst AR Skin - PatchworkGibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Wins
5Wild Frontier Level 5 Badge-
6Opening Season Bangalore QuipPathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Wins
750 Apex Coins-
8Bloodhound Tracker - Season 1 KillsWraith Tracker - Season1 Wins
9Prowler Skin - Navigator-
10Wild Frontier Level 10 BadgeBangalore Traker - Season 1 Wins
1150 Apex Coins-
12BP Point BoostApex Pack - Rare
13Mirage Frame - Funny Bones-
14Longbow DMR Skin - NavigatorBloodhound Tracker - Season 1 Wins
15Wild Frontier Level 15 Badge-
16Opening Season Mirage QuipCaustic Tracker - Season 1 Wins
1750 Apex Coins-
18Octane Frame - Flight RiskMirage Tracker - Season 1 Wins
19M600 Spitfire Skin - Patchwork-
20Wild Frontier Level 20 BadgeLifeline Tracker - Season 1 Wins
2150 Apex Coins-
22BP Point BoostOctane Tracker - Season 1 Wins
23Wraith Frame - Silk Road-
24MOZABIQUE Skin - NavigatorApex Pack - Rare
25Wild Frontier Level 25 Badge-
26Apex Pack - EpicCaustic Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done
27Opening Season Pathfinder Quip-
28Mirage Tracker - Season 1 KillsBangalore Tracker - Damage Dones
29Kraber.50-Cal Sniper Skin - Harvest-
30Wild Frontier Level 30 BadgeGibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done
3150 Apex Coins-
32BP Point BoostBloodhound Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done
33Pathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Kills-
34EVA-8 Skin - PatchworkRare - Apex Pack
35Wild Frontier Level 35 Badge-
36Opening Season Caustic QuipLifeline Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done
3750 Apex Coins-
38Caustic Tracker -  Season 1 KillsOctane Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done
39VK-47 Flatline Skin - Navigator-
40Wild Frontier Level 40 BadgeWraith - Season 1 Damage Done
4150 Apex Coins-
42BP Point BoostMirage Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done
43Rare - Apex Pack-
44Alternator SMG Skin - PatchworkPathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Damage Done
45Wild Frontier Level 45 Badge-
46Opening Season Gibraltar QuipRare - Apex Pack
4750 Apex Coins-
48Gibraltar Trcker - Season 1 KillsOctane Skin - Messenger
49Peacekeeper Skin - Harvest-
50Wild Frontier Level 50 Badge-
51Prowler Skin - Thrill of the Hunt-
52BP Point Boost-
53Rare - Apex Pack-
54Devotion LMG Skin - Harvest-
55Wild Frontier Level 55 Badge-
56Opening Season Wraith Quip-
57100 Apex Coins-
58Octane Tracker - Season 1 kills-
59Mastiff Shotgun Skin - Patchwork-
60Wild Frontier Level 60 Badge-
61Lifeline Frame - Pick Me Up-
62BP Point Boost-
63100 Apex Coins-
64P2020 Skin - Harvest-
65Wild Frontier Level 65 Badge-
66Opening Season Bloodhound Quip-
67100 Apex Coins-
68Lifeline Tracker - Season1 Kills-
69Havoc Rifle Skin - Patchwork-
70Wild Frontier Level 70 Badge-
71Bloodhound Frame - Nock Down-
72BP Point Boost-
73Rare - Apex Pack-
74R-99 SMG Skin - Harvest-
75Wild Frontier Level 75 Badge-
76Season opening Octane Quip-
77100 Apex Coins-
78Bangalore Tracker - Season 1 kills-
79Wingman Skin - Navigator-
80Wild Frontier Level 80 Badge-
81Gibraltar Frame - Land of Giants-
82BP Point Boost-
83Rare - APex Pack-
84RE-45 Skin - Patchwork-
85Wild Frontier Level 85 Badge-
86Legendary - Apex Pack-
87100 Apex Coins-
88Caustic Frame - Slaughterhouse-
89BP Point Boost-
90Wild Frontier Level 90 Badge -
91Pathfinder Frame - Building Bridges-
92BP Point Boost-
93Rare - Apex Pack-
94G7 Scout Skin - Patchwork-
95Wild Frontier Level 95 Badge-
96Opening Season Lifeline Quip-
97100 Apex Coins-
98Bangalore Frame - Sharpened Senses-
99R-301 Carbine Skin - Harvest-
100Wild Frontier Level 100 Badge
Havoc Rifle Skin - The Silver Storm
BonusWild Frontier complete Badge
Havoc Rifle Skin - The Golden Idol

Season 1 - Wild Frontier  - What is missing ? 

It doesn't seem to have any challenges quest or mission yet.

We are not sure how Battle Pass XP is earn.

There are no map changes in this season.

Apex Legends Season 1 – Wild Frontier Trailer

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