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R-301 Carbine Stats - Apex Legends

R-301 Carbine | Apex legends - zilliongamer

R-301 Carbine Apex Legends is a fully automatic weapon that has many similar qualities to an SMG. Although R-301 deal low damage, it has extremely fast fire rate to maintain the balance of damage per second.  

The accuracy of this weapon is insanely good especially in close range or high ground situation. 

Weapon NameR-301 Carbine
Ammunition typeLight rounds
Ammuniton per magazine18
Tactical reload time2.4 seconds
Full reload time3.2 seconds

R-301 Apex Legends Damage stats

Here you can find the damage stats of R-301 Carbine including Head, Body, & Leg.

Damage TypeDamage

R-301 Apex Legends Attachment explained

R-301 require 4 attachments to be fully decked out. Those 4 attachments are:

Barrel Stabilizer | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Barrel Attachments help reduces recoil.

Optic Attachment | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Optic Attachments provide better line of sight. 

Standard Stock | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Stock Attachments reduces aim drift.

Heavy Magazine | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Magazine Attachments added extra ammo.

R-301 Carbine Tier - Apex Legends 

According to our weapons tier list, R-301 Carbine Tier is S consider as Excellent Weapon to use according to it performance and stats.

R-301 Carbine Recoil Guide  - Apex Legends

R-301 Carbine has low recoil on both Hip Fire and Scope-in. I recommend you to use Hip Fire in close range (face to face)  because it doesn't slow you down and it is not that hard to control. 

Further than 10 meter you might need to scope-in for a better accuracy. 

Hip Fire (Fire weapon using crosshair)

R-301 Carbine Hip Fire recoil | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Scope-in (Fire weapon using optic)

R-301 Carbine Scope-in recoil | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

To summarize, R-301 is almost every players favorite weapon because it features everything that players ask for. I personally also like to use this weapon and mostly i use it in close range.

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