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Havoc Rifle Summary

Havoc Rifle is a fully automatic weapon using energy rounds holding up to 25 ammo per magazine. Known as a high damage and very accurate weapon with low recoil in assault rifle category.

Havoc Rifle

Havoc Rifle | Apex legends - zilliongamer

Havoc Rifle use energy rounds so it won't be able to fire as quick as you expected because it need time to charge before it can fire. That is the only down side of this weapon other than that it has everything you looking for.

It has high damage stack when you keep hitting your enemies with the total damage of 450 in just 1 magazine. That amount of damage can kill up to 2 enemies.

Havoc Rifle is known as the highest damage in assault rifle category.

Havoc Rifle Stats

Haovoc Rifle Stats include:

Weapon Name:Havoc Rifle
Ammo Type:Energy Rounds
Damage to body:36
Damage to head:36
Damage Stack total:450
Magazine Capacity:25
Reload time: 3.2s

Attachment Slots

Havoc Rifle has attachment slots including:

  • Optic attachment.
  • Stock attachment.
  • Hop-Up attachment.

After attaching all attachment Havoc Rifle will become more powerful in vision accuracy, recoil reduced.

Havoc Rifle Recoil Guide

Havoc Rifle Recoil Guide include:

Hip Fire (Fire weapon using crosshair)

Havoc Rifle Hip Fire recoil | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Scope-in (Fire weapon using optic)

Havoc Rifle Scope-in recoil | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Havoc Rifle is highly recommended to use in scope-in method because the recoil is amazing in there with the combination of fast fire rate and stack damage you can melt down enemies easily.

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