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Welcome to Apex Legends Guide. Find out every guide you need to know including all legends, items, weapons, attachments, gameplay tips and more related to Apex Legends. 

Apex Legends Guide | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

All Legends Guide

There are currently legends in Apex Legends.

Bangalore | Apex Legends - zilliongamerBangaloreBloodhound | Apex Legends - zilliongamerBloodhound
Caustic | Apex Legends - zilliongamerCausticGibraltar | Apex Legends - zilliongamerGibraltar
Lifeline | Apex Legends - zilliongamerLifelineMirage | Apex Legends - zilliongamerMirage
Pathfinder | Apex Legends - zilliongamerPathfinderWraith | Apex Legends - zilliongamerWraith

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All Weapons Guide

There are currently 20 weapons in Apex Legends.

Assault Rifles

There are 4 Assault Rifles in Apex Legends.

VK-47 Flatline | Apex Legends - zilliongamerVK-47 FlatlineHemlok Burst AR | Apex Legends - zilliongamer
Hemlok Burst AR
R-301 Carbine | Apex Legends - zilliongamer
R-301 Carbine
Havoc Rifle | Apex Legends - zilliongamer
Havoc Rifle 

Sniper Rifles

There are 4 Sniper Rifles in Apex Legends.

G7 Scout | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

G7 Scout

Longbow DMR | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Long Bow DMR

Triple Take | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Triple Take

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper


There are 4 Shotguns in Apex Legends.

EVA-8 AUTO | Apex Legends - zilliongamer


Peacekeeper | Apex Legends - zilliongamer


Mastiff Shotgun | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Mastiff Shotgun

Mozambique Shotgun | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Mozambique Shotgun

Sub Machine Guns

There are 3 Sub Machine Guns in Apex Legends.

Alternator SMG | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Alternator SMG

R-99 SMG | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

R-99 SMG

Prowler Burst PMW | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Prowler Burst PDW


Light Machine Guns

There are 2 Light Machine Guns in Apex Legends.

Devotion LMG | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

Devotion LMG

M600 Spitfire | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

M600 Spitfire


There are 3 Pistols in Apex Legends.

P2020 | Apex Legends - zilliongamer


RE-45 | Apex Legends - zilliongamer

RE-45 Auto

Wingman | Apex Legends - zilliongamer



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All Attachments Guide

There are 6 types of attachment in Apex Legends.

Barrel Stabilizer | Apex Legends - zilliongamerBarrel Attachments
(Stabilizer & Bolt)
Heavy Magazine | Apex Legends - zilliongamerMagazine Attachments
(Light & Heavy)
Optic Attachment | Apex Legends - zilliongamerOptic AttachmentsStandard Stock | Apex Legends - zilliongamerStock Attachments
(Sniper & Standard)
Skullpiercer Rifling | Apex Legends - zilliongamerHop-Up Attachments 

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All Items Guide

Healing Items

There are Healing Items in Apex Legends.

SyringeMed Kit
Shield CellShield Battery
Phoenix KitUltimate Accelerant

Shield Items

There are Shield Items in Apex Legends.

Body ShieldHelmet
Knockdown Shield 

There is also a Backpack in Apex Legends.


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System Requirment

Minimum System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 7

CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor

Ram: 6GB

GPU: GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7730 navigator


HARD DRIVE: Minimum 22 GB of free space

Recommended System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 7

CPU: Intel i5 3570K or equilvalent


GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970/ AMD Radeon R9 290


HARD DRIVE: Minimum 22GB of free space

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